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Autumn has arrived in Spain. Beautiful days and cooler nights and apparently Nineties nostalgia will continue to influence Autumn and winter fashion for 2022.

Bold and bright from top-to-toe, brights that really make a statement.

The catsuit is one of the years unexpected trends to emerge. With chain belts. Micro blazers. Oversized shirts. Big jackets. Bright bags and of course the mini skirt. In oranges and zesty lime green to classic autumnal browns and greys. Flared trousers in all colours.

And I'm glad to say the skinny jeans are back. Although they've never gone out of fashion for me. A fashion must for quite a number of years as far as I'm concerned.

For the feet. Leather or suede flat boots seem to be this years fashion trend in blues, greens, tan, taupe and black. But those sexy courts will never die. Everything looks bright and oh so bold for this season. So enjoy mixing and matching, and just having fun with your wardrobe.

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