What to do tonight?

You now have 56 gigs this week to choose from in our Almeria Gig Guide. Today we have the Age Concern Almanzora Charity event with Sharon Elizabeth Regan, Melanie Howard-Coles, Emma Wild and Geoff Murrell at Kubatin in Arboleas, Steve Fisher over in Arboleas Perla del Valle at New Bar Trinidad, Kaliquenos (Antonio Belmonte García at the El Sabrina Feria, D & The Roots (Dori Jimenez Lopez, Aure Ortega, Rober García and Daniel Mejias) at Hola Ola on the Mojacar Playa, and the one and only Essencial Rock band over at Maráu on Vera Playa... enjoy

D & The Roots. One of the new bands for the 2018 season in Mojacar
D & The Roots

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