Venues that light us up

Saw the Argentinian duo "Marcelo Gervasi and Pamela Lund" at 102 Tapas, Palomares on Saturday 1st Feb. It was 20 in the shade, and the music was both hotter and cooler. The audience made up of many different EU nationals always lap up this duo, and quite rightly too. They do a Carlos Santana second set that just lifts you up. As sometimes happens, there was a post gig jam session with some of the many musicians in the audience, including myself, and all arranged by Jeanne Wilson on Saxophone and on Violin. Was also good to hear Big John do some bluesy numbers, and of course Eddie Goodall has such a great voices. The duo will be playing with their full group "Colores Libres" at Bar San Francisco, Huercal Overa on Saturday 8th Feb, 16:30.

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