The last Sunny Sunday on the Playa

Went to see The Trippers at Ankara on Sunday, as part of their Autumn tour and fresh from their last gig at Caniles, and what a great band and performance. It all starts and end with a good front man and Silvio Rossi is one of the best. Charismatic and very much like an early Mick Jagger in some respects. He’s Italian but sings in English with passion and drive. All of their set, which started into Blues and R&B was done with a big rock influence. If you’re going to sing Hoochie Coochie Man that this is the way to do it .. with conviction.

Before we go onto the rest of the band, it’s worth noting that, like many of the really good bands out there, they have a sound engineer, with digital controls, so that you get the quality of the sound but without the painful volume that can sometimes hide a bad set, or destroys a good one. So well done to Pepillo who kept on top of it for the two hours with a big smile.

A set that starts off with the Bass Player, Tim Ridgway, on Sax and the lead singer on Bass, highlights the virtuosity of the band. The lead singer Silvio Rossi also plays guitar on some of the set. Then Tim goes back on to bass .. outstandingly good bass man as well as a top Saxophonist. Did I also mention that he also doubles up on harmony?

The set is varied, and with only one guitarist, there is a lot of space to fill but Pepe Gallego was on top of it all from start to finish. No mean feat given the variety of song covered. Not just a good lead guitarist but hot on rhythm as well. Holding his cigarette burning at the top of his guitar, being held in place by the strings was real old school and took me back to when Clapton, like many others did the same.

Pedro Llorente on drums kept it together with Tim Ridgway, on bass to drive the music and set the background to the vocals and guitar. With 6 microphones on the drum set, the snares and high-hats were all there, but without being overloud or drowning the set. Some nice touches and flourishes throughout.

All the tables were full, and the crowd were appreciative, joining and dancing, especially Highway to Hell…. not normally one of my favourite songs, they did it justice and yes we did sing along with everyone else. So if you get a chance to see them then grab the opportunity. Their remaining gigs can be found under “Tours: in our online Gig Guide (

The Trippers: Silvio Rossi - Vocals, Pepe Gallego - Guitar, Pedro Llorente - Drums, Tim Ridgway - Bass and Vocals (and occasional sax!)

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