The Beautiful one

Had the pleasure of being at La Bella Dorita, in Cuevas Del Almanzora, last Thursday 6th October. The first Thursday of the month sees some of the best musicians meeting up for some musical improvisation, run by Ismael Cavo Alarcon and Antonio Belmonte García. I'm avoiding the term Jam Session, as it's a poor description for what happens. Plan Bee turned up with his new Groove, Pedro on Jazz Guitar, and Gary Dear on drums... going to be one of the hot trios for this summer, groove and Funk. Jeanne Wilson, Plan Bee, Gary Dear, Rob Bajo, and Manuel Sanchez Lopez joined me on Otis Taylor's bluesy folk version of Hey Joe. Lots of funk and groove with Ismael Cavo Alarcon on drums later on. Luckily even with a leap year, February is a short month. Roll on April.

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