Musicians for MACS and Stepping Stones

On Saturday was a combined Mojacar Area Cancer Support (MACS) and Stepping Stones Charity do at The Bistro at The Coliseum. It's a venue that puts on many of the big acts and shows, and it was the biggest and the best on Saturday. Organised and run by Julie Christie, it covered Opera from Sue Morretta to blues byThe Blues Club.

The full list was Sue Morretta, Lady Helen, Tony Justice, The Blues Band with Tony Justice, and Mad on Blonde. Possibly the biggest range of music and musicians for a Charity Gig. Sue Morretta has and amazing voice and had the audience from her first note. Lady Helen's duet with Tony Justice was as polished as ever; Tony Justice with The Blues Club is not to be missed, and will be on at Solare, Turre on Wednesday 5th 6:30, Tony has a voice that is made for the Blues. Mad on Blonde had the audience up and dancing, great voice and energy .. always a pleasure to see her act. None of this happens without the work done by the staff at The Bistro, or without Robbie Macdonald who provided the PA and his sound engineering skills.

Over €3,900 was collected, before expenses to be shared between both charities. A big well done to Julie Christie.

As we enter the Christmas Season, more Christmas Gigs will be added to our growing list .. Xmas Gigs

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