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We’ve all lost many good friends and musicians in the last two years and we feel the loss of each and every one of them; Clive Robin Sarstedt, Fred Smithers, Gibb Todd, Eddie Goodales, and now Jill Farmiloe.

I can remember in detail the first time I met each of them. Clive playing at Tito’s on a Sunday afternoon, Fred coming to say hello at Bar La Montaña on a Sunday Jam Session, Gibb playing a charity gig at the Roof Garden Mojacar Pargue Commercial, Eddie jamming with me and others at 102 Tapas in Palomares and Jill singing at Sunday lunch at Samber on Mojácar Playa.

Each was a light in the dark, brightening up any stage big or small that they were on. Smiles as big as their personalities regardless of what was going on in their world. They were performers in the real sense of the word and they are missed and will continue to be missed.

I can only imagine what that jam session in the sky will be like now that Jill has joined them. Wherever you are raise a glass to them this weekend .. I surely will.

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