Easter cancelled

It's fair to say that not many of us expected things to get so bad so quickly. Who would have thought that most of the aspects of Easter would be cancelled, and that no live events would be taking place over the weekend.

The live music industry blossoms at Easter, and kicks off the summer long round of gigs here in Spain. We will all have to wait a bit longer before we can get out there and support all venues and musicians

On the positive side, many of the musicians are finding way to rehearse and perform online and we've had the opportunity to update and re design the web site, so that we can showcase some of them. Bands like Essencial and musicians such as Tony Justice, Baz Morris, Marilyn Shipley, Sharon Elizabeth Regan, Melanie Howard Coles and others are still entertaining us. There is also a female singer that sings on her roof terrace each Saturday in Los Gallardos to great applause. To all of you and all the others out there. Keep the vidoes coming. They are appreciated.

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