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Bedar Arts Centre

Located at the top of the picturesque village of Bédar the Bédar Arts Centre is a small hub of artistic activity. Owned and operated by Trina Doerr the Centre is not only home to her creative endeavours, but she also provides classes in painting, ceramics, and mosaics.

Currently she is offering a Tuesday morning and a Thursday evening painting group for all levels of artist. Beginners will learn the absolute basics and more advanced artists will have an opportunity to improve colour theory and develop their own style within a body of work.

Starting on Oct 20th a mosaic group will get underway. In this group we will learn about cutting glass, creating design and grouting the finished piece.

Trina will be offering new ceramic groups in 2023 and will be posting them regularly on her Facebook page.

The studio is open six days a week between 10:30 and 13:30 and visitors are always welcome. They can see some of her work in progress, find out more about planned classes or just say hi.

Trina is reachable by telephone at 664 896 555 or

You can see more of her work at

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